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Adversity and hardship are things which often shape our lives and how we live. They come in many forms, from harmful physical and emotional abuse, post-traumatic stress to seemingly unbearable childhood trauma. Whatever we may think, harmful environments mold the way we view the world and others around us and they often hold us back.

Carolyn Colleen (Bostrack) was born and raised in the Midwestern United States. Carolyn’s life story is one of personal and professional transformation. From standing in a food line at the Salvation Army, to PhD, Carolyn’s life purpose is to provide hope and inspire people to move from fear into focus. After being asked repeatedly to write a book about her experiences, Carolyn published her new book FIERCE, transform your life in the face of adversity, 5 minutes at a time. Carolyn is passionate about being a great mom of 3 and living life on purpose.

Significant Creative Projects: Book cover design, social media graphics, logos designs, event communications


Carolyn Colleen



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