Custom King Bed Project

February 22, 2020.
Andy’s current big woodworking project is a king size bed set. Just finished his 3D rendering so next step is to get all the supplies so he can get to work. #woodworking #custom 

March 29, 2020.
Andy’s Quarantine project has officially begun and is starting to take shape. Coming soon, a king size bed frame. 🛏🛠🔩
#diy #custombuilt #customdesigned #woodworking#woodworkingproject 

April 18, 2020.
Update: Progress on the bed. 
#woodworking #custombuilt #custom #oneofakind #oak

May 16, 2020.

Andy’s biggest project to date is checked off the list as complete and it looks amazing!! 

#woodworking #diy #custombed #lacrossewi

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